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Welcome to TREKYARDS


TREKYARDS focuses on the iconic (and not so iconic) ships of the Star Trek franchise. Stuart Foley and Samuel Cockings bring you a new ship class in each episode. Their informative back and forth explores the pros and cons of each design; the aesthetics of a given ship; and where it fits into the timeline and evolution of the line.

The show is in a slick format with a great visual design, and a tight 15-20 minutes format. Each episode details a particular starship, giving you the facts and statistics. Even trivial facts that a lot of people may not know.


You’ll love the slideshows, and amazing 3D renders by Samuel Cockings, as we cover the classic ships, as well as little known ships that have only been seen once or twice. Even birds of prey, both Klingon and Romulan are discussed.

We are excited about this series. If you are a fan of of Star Trek, you will surely enjoy it as well; it is made for you. Tell us what ships you would like to see and hear about. We want your input and suggestions.