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Master 3D Modler - Barry Chapman

I live in the UK, with my wife and daughter. I'm a life long Sci-Fi fan beginning with my first viewing of Star Wars back as a two year old in 1977. My love for Star Trek started soon after. I love the characters but the Refit Enterprise captured my imagination and she became my favorite ship. I started off building the old AMT model kits.

In early 2000's I started to play around with 3D Studio Max, by making some basic animations. I became a member of Star Trek Bridge Commander in 2008. With the help of some other members, I slowly learned how to actually build ships. I teamed up with another member called Brent Chapman aka Tiqhud (No relation), and together we created many mods for the game. I would build the ships and he made them fly in the game. For many years we had a steady stream of releases. Sadly Brent passed away and the BC-Central forum crashed and I lost interest in mods for the game. I had started watching Trekyards after a Facebook link from Doug Drexler. Out of the blue Michael Wiley an old Bridge Commander friend said Samuel needed Constellation class for an upcoming episode. As my model was a few years old and better references existed, I took it upon myself to rebuild the ship. Since then I have helped with several models, notably the USS Foley, Andor Class, and up-coming Discovery. I'm also working on some Fleetyards ships for future episodes.