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  • Doug Drexler

    Doug Drexler

    A noted Star Trek veteran, with almost 20 years invested in the franchise.

    Deep Space 9,Voyager,Enterprise,Independent Projects, The Next Generation
  • Rick Sternbach

    Rick Sternbach

    Rick is a long standing Star a Trek alumni having provided many works of art & props.

    Deep Space 9,Voyager,The Movies, The Next Generation
  • Andrew Probert

    Andrew Probert

    A heavy hitter in the sci-fi world having done designs for The Original Battlestar Galactica, Back to the Future and many more.

    The Movies, The Next Generation
  • Tobias Richter

    Tobias Richter

    A CG Artist with a deep love for SciFi and Star Trek in general.

    Independent Projects,Internet Projects, The Next Generation
  • Josh Spencer

    Josh Spencer

    Josh’s Star Trek experience stems from his involvement with Star Fleet Battles from 1982-1984.

    Independent Projects
  • Steve Neill

    Steve Neill

    A visual effects artist and have produced makeup effects and creature effects for film and television.

    Independent Projects,The Movies
  • John Eaves

    John Eaves

    A designer and illustrator best known for his work on the Star Trek franchise.

    Enterprise,The Movies,Deep Space 9
  • Rob Bonchune

    Rob Bonchune

    You may not recognize the face but you certainly have seen the work. Meet one of the master model makers behind Star Trek: Rob Bonchune.

    Deep Space 9,Voyager,Enterprise,The Movies
  • Alec Peters

    Alec Peters

    The executive producer, writer and actor starring in Ares Studios “Prelude to Axanar”

    Independent Projects
  • Scott Nakada

    Scott Nakada

    While you may not recognize the face, you have enjoyed the work! Scott creates props, costumes,and even storyboards.

    Independent Projects,Enterprise,Internet Projects
  • Eric Henry

    Eric Henry

    Eric joined us with some of the most beautiful renders we have ever seen. Introducing Pacific 201!

    Independent Projects,Internet Projects
  • The Irish Trekkie

    The Irish Trekkie

    The Irish Trekkie has an excellent YouTube channel and we had a great time when he dropped by for a visit.

    Internet Projects
  • Adrianne Wilkinson

    Adrianne Wilkinson

    Adrianne Wilkinson has done everything from Xena: Warrior Princess, to Star Wars, & Star Trek.

    Independent Projects